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The Royal Residence consists of 46 residences on 6 plus one attic levels out of it three residences on the ground floor will have separate direct garden connection. The secured storage of the residents’ cars is solved in a deep garage built under the building. The residences can be accessed by elevators directly from the deep garage.


The Royal Residence is built on one of the last building sites of 7th district of Budapest, in Erzsébetváros (Elisabeth Town). The history of the quarter – belonging to the Upper suburb area earlier – is in a close connection with the history of the modern Budapest, since the district itself is aged to the age of Capital created by the union of Pest, Buda and Óbuda. It was named as Erzsébetváros in 1881. The 7th district is a determining element of Pest’s characteristic image and atmosphere since Erzsébetváros is very rich in architectural memories. The chapel on the Rózsák tere (Roses’ Square) was designed by Imre Steindl, one of Hungary’s leading designer. The Synagogue of Dohány utca is locating in the 7th district what was registered as the largest synagogue on the world for long. The Synagogue of Rumbach utca can be found here also. But the list has not been ended yet: the evangelic chapel in the Városligeti fasor, and the reformat chapel with few houses forward what is listed as one of the most significant secession buildings of the city enriching the architectural treasure of Erzsébetváros. Within few steps far from the building the only veterinary college of the country can be found.

The district what served as home for people of different language and religion is placed just next to Városliget, called as lung of Pest. The largest green park of the town provides not only harmony given by the natural environment for the people wish to relax but with its several attractions offers plenty of opportunities for people searching for active relaxation.

The development of the district with serious traditions has sped up in the last few years. Erzsébetváros is getting closer to become a district with vivid and colorful life of Budapest and having all advantages of a modern metropolis together however by preserving its tradition and noble patina also.

Infrastructure, transportation

The Royal Residences is built on the area bordered by Rákóczi út, Nagykörút (Grand Boulevard), Dózsa György út and Andrássy út, the main transposition roads of Pest. As its consequence the area has excellent infrastructural conditions. By car any of the town can be reached on the above mentioned main transportation roads while for those who prefers public transportation the trolley bus No. 75/79 provides direct access to the Keleti (Eastern) Railway Station and to the Hősök tere (Heroes’ Square). At the earlier one we can change to the red metro line while at the later we can change to the subway, listed as the first MILFAV (Millenary Underground Railway) of the European continent and to bus No. 4 running on the Andrássy út.

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